Texas Kung Fu Festival May 2016

Texas Kung Fu Festival

In 2016, Texas Kung Fu Festival hosted over 500 martial arts masters, teachers and students from all over Texas, who participated in outstanding performances and demonstrations.

We gathered a large number of different schools in one place to present diversity of martial arts.  Hard and soft techniques were presented with many variations of styles and forms. The performers ranged from 4 to 60+ year old martial artists.

More than 1000 spectators attended the event and witnessed breathtaking demonstrations that edged with impossible . Each school conducted a workshop for the public and taught basic martial arts forms. Most of the participants practiced with  the health-oriented demonstrations and learned about fitness and therapeutic benefits of martial arts. The audience were also entertained by various cultural presentations such as the lion and dragon dances and the Chinese harp.

We also used the event as an opportunity to fundraise money to help children in The Sunshine Kids Foundation and Depelchin Children’s Center. In that way, we teach our next generation that true happiness is in giving.              

Children and adults alike enjoyed numerous game stations where they tested their endurance and strength. Everyone learned something new, met new friends and took home wonderful memories.