Our Mission

Martial Morality

Shaolin Kung Fu has 10 concepts that encompass the Martial Morality - Humility, Will, Respect, Endurance, Compassion, Perseverance, Trust, Loyalty, Patience, Courage

These traits enable a student to relate more to their fellow peers as well as within themselves. When combined, they allow the student to obtain a healthy mind and healthy body while allowing them to strive for personal perfection and finding the limits and moving beyond them


Our Mission

The Texas Kung Fu Festival is the largest state Martial Arts Festival in Texas. Our main goal is to promote martial arts and its positive impact on a healthy and active lifestyle.

Martial Arts is more than a sport. It builds physical strength and flexibility but also sharpens the mental capabilities such as focus and self-confidence,persistence, and discipline.

We want to involve and influence the community, as well as students of martial arts, to experience the benefits that Kung Fu has to offer.