Welcome to the Texas Kung Fu Festival

Largest State Martial Arts Festival in Texas

Our Mission

Shaolin Kung Fu is more than a sport. It builds physical strength and flexibility, but it also sharpens the mental capabilities...

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Latest Event

On April 22, 2017, the Texas Kung Fu Festival held its 2nd annual festival hosting over 200 martial arts masters, teachers and students from all over Texas and surrounding areas...

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Welcome to 3rd annual Texas Kungfu Festival 2018

Come and experience The Texas Kung Fu Festival, the largest Martial Arts Festival in Texas. Witness the elegance and power of the Lion and Dragon Dance, the fierce and graceful performances from a variety of Martial Arts schools and Foods, Fun and Music!
Test your own martial strength and focus with different games geared especially for kungfu. The vision of our Festival is to promote the many benefits of Martial Arts including mental focus, confidence, persistence and a healthy lifestyle.
The Texas Kung Fu Festival is a Non-profit organization that provides a positive impact on the community. The proceeds raised at The Texas Kung Fu Festival will go to the Fortbend Helping Heroes charity.
There are many ways that you can be part of this magnificent event.

Please contact us for more information.
We cannot wait to see you all.


2nd Annual Texas Kung Fu Festival 2017


Our 2nd Annual Texas Kung Fu Festival has taken place and it was a huge success! We had more than 25 different martial art schools perform at our event which included: Shaolin schools, Taekwondo, Karate, Tai-Chi, Wing-Chun, Wu-Shu, traditional Kung Fu, beautiful Korean dancing, and many more.  A heartfelt thank you to our masters, instructors/teachers, students, performers, and guests that made our event so successful.

A special thank you goes out to our Steering Committee who dedicated countless hours towards this festival. Their dedication and brilliant ideas were visible throughout and we are so blessed to have them on our team. We also want to thank our 4 very special guests from Las Vegas, Seattle, and New York who performed at our event:

Master Shi Chang Yuan from the Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center in Las Vegas Nevada;

Master Gao (Shi Yan Xiang) from the Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy in Seattle, Washington;


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Our Festival

We gathered a large number of different schools in one location to present diversity and our passion of martial arts. Open hand forms, weapons, and take-down techniques were presented in variations of styles and forms. The performers ranged from 4 to 60+ years old.


Is this only about Kung Fu?

No! Most of the participants performed Kung Fu but we were also entertained by Tai Chi and Takewondo masters and students plus various cultural presentations such as the lion dance, dragon dance, and the Chinese harp.


We are waiting for you 

In 2016, the Texas Kung Fu Festival hosted over 500 martial arts masters, teachers, and students from all over Texas. Join us next year and be part of our family.